Equipment Used

Digital Photography

Paul uses Canon digital SLRs for most of his photography with the exception of street photography and photojournalism where he uses the Fuji X-Pro1 camera system. His two main cameras are the Canon EOS-1D X and the Fuji X-Pro1. (Be sure to check out Paul’s blog for reviews on cameras and lenses.)
Canon’s website
Fuji’s Website

Film Photography

For traditional “analog” photography, Paul uses a Nikon F2AS 35mm SLR. The Nikon F2AS (black body) was the camera of choice for most photojournalists of the ’70’s and is a highly sought after camera for collectors today.

Photographic Film & Papers

Paul exclusively uses Ilford® films and photographic papers for his “wet darkroom” black and white film work. Ilford’s consistent quality and unwavering commitment to the film community sets them apart from other manufacturers.
Ilford’s website


Paul uses Gitzo® carbon fiber tripods for all of his photographic work. Gitzo® tripods are made in Italy and are the most durable and lightweight tripods on the market.
Gitzo’s website


For landscapes, portraiture, and stock photography, Paul uses the BH-55 LR quick-release ballhead from Really Right Stuff®.
Really Right Stuff® website

For wildlife photography where quick, smooth panning of the camera is necessary, Paul uses a gimbal style head, specifically the Wimberley® WH-200 Version II.
Wimberley® website

Other Gear

Schneider Optics, the German company that makes B+W filters is the top manufacturer of the highest quality glass filters. B+W filters are typically more expensive than your average filter but the quality of craftsmanship found in these filters combined with the quality of the captured image makes using them an easy choice.
B+W Filters website

Studio Lighting
Smith Victor® brand studio lighting
Smith Victor® website

Memory Cards
Paul has been using the San Disk® Extreme Pro compact flash cards (16 GB size, 90 MB/s, UDMA 6).